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Coaching Up! by Jordan Fliegel


Coaching Up! by Jordan Fliegel

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One of the most dramatic situations in sports arises when the clock is ticking down, the odds are stacked against the underdogs, and the players turn to the coach for the motivation they need to dig deep within themselves and pull off the win. Similar moments of truth, in which the people around us need inspiration and direction, happen all the time in our day-to-day lives. Coaching Up! gives you a proven formula for moving your colleagues, family members, and friends ahead to achieve their highest goals.

Written by a former professional basketball player and coach turned successful entrepreneur, this game-changing resource shares the three-part formula he uses as the philosophical cornerstone of the company he founded, CoachUp, Inc., now America's leader in sports coaching. Among CoachUp's roster of coaches and advisors are thousands of current and former professional athletes, including such top performers as two-time NBA MVP and champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and NFL world champion Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots.

The Coaching Up Model presented here is clear, concise, and straightforward—in fact, it's almost deceptively simple. Yet mastering it can make a profound difference in the quality and effectiveness of all your professional and personal relationships. When you read Coaching Up! and begin practicing these techniques in your daily interactions with colleagues, family members, and friends, you will immediately feel a difference in everyone's energy levels. You will be consistently building authentic connections, providing genuine support, and offering concise direction. And both you and the people you care about will be enjoying your interactions more and coming away from them full of renewed enthusiasm for the task at hand, whether small-scale or game-changing. The fact is that coaching people up along the lines described in this book feels great—both for the person being coached up and for the person doing the coaching.

Once you have mastered the techniques of the Coaching Up Model, you will find yourself using these techniques with increasing fluency in your everyday interactions. The more Coaching Up Conversations you have with people, the deeper your mutual trust grows and the smoother and simpler these conversations get. In fact, under some circumstances, you can have an entire Coaching Up Conversation with just a look or a gesture. To get to that point, all it takes is practice in mastering the model???s three basic skills:

  • Building authentic connections through specific dialogue, body language, and talking points, always laced with humor and humility
  • Providing genuine support through conversations designed to boost confidence, shed light on individual progress and potential, and remove obstacles in people???s paths
  • Giving clear, concise direction that people recognize as truly helpful and in their own interest

Coaching Up! is a quick read with a huge payoff. As the author promises right up front, this book will change your life.

JORDAN FLIEGEL, a former professional basketball player and longtime private coach, is also a successful entrepreneur, an investor in and advisor to technology startups, an author, a public speaker, a frequent guest columnist atInc. magazine, and the founder of CoachUp, Inc., America's leader in the sports coaching industry. CoachUp connects athletes of all ages, in all types of sports from basketball and football to yoga and dance, with over 20,000 private coaches conducting one-on-one and small-group training sessions nationwide. CoachUp's coaches share a single mission: to help all athletes reach the next level in sports and life. Among Jordan's many personal accolades, he was named to Inc. magazine's 30 under 30 list and the Boston Business Journal's 40 under 40 list and was a Finalist for Ernst & Young's New England Entrepreneur of the Year.

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