What is the cost of shipping?

Items from the CoachUp Store will ship via USPS Priority for packages up to 5 lbs. There is a flat shipping cost of $7.50 per order for orders up to $74.99. The shipping cost for orders between $75 and $99.99 is $3.50 per order. Any order over $100 will ship for free. The applicable shipping cost will be added to your order at checkout.

Do I have to pay tax on my CoachUp Store purchase?

Because our warehouse is in Massachusetts, online shopping laws dictate that customers in Massachusetts will be charged tax on certain items. Because apparel is non-taxable, only accessories purchased at the CoachUp Store are subject to sales tax. Customers who are not in Massachusetts will not be taxed on any item in the CoachUp Store.

Is my CoachUp Store account login information the same as my CoachUp account login information?

No. The information associated with your CoachUp account will not log you into the CoachUp Store. You are not required to create an account to make a purchase or redeem your CoachUp Cash at the CoachUp Store. However, creating an account at the CoachUp Store will save your information and order history to make it quicker to purchase the next time you visit.

If there is a problem with my order who should I contact?

If you have any questions, please reach out to our great Customer Care team by emailing support@coachup.com. In the event that you need to exchange an item, please provide your order number in your email and we will get back to you with instructions for completing the exchange.